Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tenebra - Out there in the Wild

   So it's been a couple weeks since I released Tenebra. The first few days were stressful. I was constantly checking my mail inbox and hitting the 'refresh' key on the comment section pages where I uploaded the game. What a relief! It looks like the game actually runs. So far no crashes and perf issues!
   I contacted a few game journalists but wasn't surprised to get no reaction at all. I then decided that maybe the contemporary thing to do with a game like this to have youtube exposure.
   I wrote a few mails to some of the 'let's play' youtubers. One of them who has a lot of subscribers gave Tenebra a chance (and a thumbs up). So I ended up with roughly thirty thousand people who watched the game within the first 14 days after the release.
   Two days ago there was a big spike on the view stats page of moddb. I can't track down what exactly happened but I'm super happy.
   Indiedb is hosting the annual 'Indie Game of the Year'. If you like Tenebra it'd be awesome if you could hop over to indiedb and vote for it. Thanks :)

 Indie Of The Year

PS: Holy cow. I just spotted a full article about Tenebra on Rock Paper Shotgun!!