Sunday, November 13, 2016

Tenebra Released

   Today's the day!
   It's been a long journey. A lot has happened since my last blog update. I was able to track down the showstopper bugs I mentioned in my last post. I did another round of beta playtesting and got a ton more feedback. Mostly on game content - so nothing scary.
   I decided that it would be worth taking some more time and do another polish pass.

   Needless to say that developing Tenebra wasn't always easy. And (of course) I'm a bit nervous if people will like it. It'd be awesome if the game would find an audience.

   So what's next with Sunspot Games??? I got an idea for a new horror game and a working prototype for a physics game that's in dire need of a cool artstyle. And I got a family that really, really would like to spend time with their dad. I think that's what I'm gonna do first. :)

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