Thursday, August 27, 2015

Developing Tenebra - Branding

   I spent the last few weeks with gametests and reading up on how to introduce an indie game. So I have a basic website (but no domain name yet), a dev blog, a trailer, screenshots etc. What I don't have is a wallpaper for Tenebra. So this will be sort of 'the face' of the game which people will hopefully associate with the product. This sounds darn important. Luckily I like doing these. And since I already had a pretty good idea what it should look like it didn't take too long to come up with a few variations. I sent them out to friends and did a little poll.
Here are two of them:

   I ended up using the top one since the center piece (the figure) is bigger and the thumbnail is easier to read.

   I'm about to do the announcement on some indie game sites soon and planning to do a closed beta. Here's another thing: I have what you might call digital stagefright.

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