Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Developing Tenebra - Dark Times

   Tenebra is inspired by true events. Developing the game must've saved me a fortune in therapy bills. Let me explain.
   Around the time I started working on Tenebra a close friend of mine told me her story. The things she told me, the stuff that happened to her - it was so utterly horrific that I wouldn't believe them at first. It haunted me for months (and it still does). I asked her for permission to use part of what she experienced in Tenebra.
   I also started reading articles about serial killers, psychopaths, antisocial personality disorder and other fun subjects. Tell you the truth, I was worried after a while that this depressing research would affect me (me being a hopeless optimist!)
  I do believe that ultimately this was the energy that sort of fueled the game development and drove me forward. I was about to give up multiple times.
  I'm glad I didn't. In a way it feels like it's a story that wants to be told.

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